espluga+salabelle is a close-knit team of lawyers that supports businesses in analysing the problems they face and seeking solutions that meet their operational needs and issues.


espluga+salabelle provides its clients with a team specialising in employment law to assist them with all the technical aspects of employment law and human capital management.

Individual employment relations

Labour relations

Business reorganisation and restructuring

Labour relations aspects of M&A transactions

Collective agreements

Workplace health and safety

Management of high-risk situations

Settlement of disputes

espluga+salabelle works in partnership with national and international clients who lead the field in their respective sectors.

Legal experts ...

... pragmatic solutions



We have created a flexible structure on a human scale to meet our clients’ needs as closely as possible and take a pragmatic, agile approach.


We work in partnership with our clients and respond swiftly and effectively to resolve the issues they face.

Efficiency and pugnacity

Our actions are driven by our commitment to helping our clients achieve their objectives, from efficient advice and risk management to a pugnacious defence of their case before courts.

We build long-term relationships based on our values and a constant commitment to defending our clients’ interests, from a human as well as a legal and judicial perspective.

Géraud Salabelle




Yann advises and litigates on the management of individual employment relations.

He brings legal imperatives face to face with the reality on the ground and the complexity of human capital, with a constant concern to secure his clients’ objectives.

He also assists them in monitoring and resolving crisis or high-risk situations.

He wore the number 98 for Rugby Club du Palais.



Géraud advises and litigates. In particular, he assists his clients with the employment management of their restructuring, transformation or transfer of undertakings.

He also brings his experience to bear in managing industrial relations in terms of collective bargaining and relations with the works council, both in terms of defining strategy and securing company projects.

He wore number 85 for Rugby Club du Palais.